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native daughters of the golden west

September 19, 2008


Chloe washes dishes with enthusiasm.

Chloe washes dishes with enthusiasm.

Chloe on being single in SF: “Well Ramona likes those weird San Francisco type guys.  I don’t, I find them dirty and unemployable.”

            Day three in San Francisco.  I had an interview from one of my resume sending’s on Craigslist.  I arrived downtown in my sweet working woman outfit after a brief address mistake that had me ten blocks south of my destination.  I was whisked to the fifth floor and with a deep breath entered Premiere for what was to be my first big kid interview.  I was somewhat startled to see the other people in the waiting room were clothed in pleated jeans and hair scrunchies, but shook it off assuming that they must be there for some other reason.  After a twenty minute wait I was shown into an office where I found that, in a not hilarious case of mistaken identity, I was not in fact interviewing for the Executive Assistant position, but was being considered as a potential employee for one of the clients of this company, which it turned out was a staffing company.  Oh.  I was planning on doing that anyway so it was good although a little disheartening since I had spent the last 24 hours entertaining elaborate fantasies mostly involving me quickly becoming indispensable to the organization by employing my quick wit and street smarts, international travel ensues. 


dinner preparations

dinner preparations

Just ate dinner with roommates and roommate’s boyfriends in our “living room” which since it is about 5’x5’ is lovingly referred to as the slave room, which is too unPC to be used in polite conversation, but who’s having polite conversations?  We entertained the idea of stocking it with canned goods and Trader Joe’s mushroom turnovers, and making it a fallout shelter of sorts.  The sorry state of the economy was discussed briefly, but when you’re paying nine-hundred dollars a month for rent you don’t really know anything about the word combination “bad economy.”


Things that seem to be important in San Francisco:

1.)  Trader Joes

2.)  Not blocking the sidewalk

3.)  Indoor plants

4.)  The difference between California and San Francisco

5.)  Fastidiously not complimenting people on their outfits no matter how cute.  Praising someone for dressing themselves well seems akin to praising them for going to the bathroom by themselves, not necessary if you are over the age of five.

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