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it’s raining and i like it

October 30, 2008

Chloe: “Are you saying you gave your number to that homeless guy?”

Ramona: “Okay, I thought he was homeless at first too, but-”

Chloe: “You realize you are never leaving the house alone again right?”

Ramona: “Yeah, I know.”

I’m at “my” office, and all day people have been worridly peering out the windows next to my desk and asking, “Have you heard anything else about the rain?”  I kind of look at them and roll my eyes as I think that in Bellingham people tend to look hopefully at the sky and ask, “Have you heard anything about the sun?”  And no, I had not heard anything else about the rain until about ten minutes ago when suddenly I heard from the rain itself, as it started to fall softly on the roof of our building.  At first it was quiet, and it might have been the whir of the copier or some far off construction, but slowly the sound grew and now it is falling fast into the trees that line the sidewalk, and the pavement is wet, and people are hurrying past, and no one looks as upset as they would have you expect from all their complaining.  Because the complaining maybe is a little cover-up, an attempt to appear to be legitimate Californians when in actuality these people’s taste run closer to Seattle than they would have you believe.  And so when Rene walked by, as I was leaning out onto the window ledge staring up at the gray clouds and falling water, and she asked if it was raining I said that it was and that I liked it, to which she whispered, “Yeah, me too.”

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