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we’ve got more bounce in california

November 23, 2008

Yes, I know this has been done before.  Many people have spent many hours writing about their jobs where they spend so much of their time.  I never thought I would be one of these people, not because I don’t think this is a legitimate thing to write about, but because I never thought I would have a job job.  But suddenly I do, and have spent about 10 hours a day there this past week.  I’m a little ashamed to say that I like it, and yet it fills me with a sense of unease as though I shouldn’t be there at all.  I am now prepared to say that I know where most of the paper in the world goes–law firms.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff these people hold onto.  There is an entire room dedicated just to paper storage, everything gets copied over and over again. 

Yesterday, I redacted.  I have loved that word ever since I learned it a year ago, and I felt a little giddy getting to cross out account numbers in a deposition.  When I was younger I was crazy about playing office, and getting paid to do it now hasn’t made this feeling go away. 

I was instructed to take my boss’ car to drop of a file to one of the attorneys.  I felt a surge of terror as he tossed the key to his Mercedes at me.  After being shown to the garage I was left alone behind the wheel trying to figure out how to use the navigation system, trying to remember which foot was the gas and which the break.  I eased out of the garage and was immediately sweating driving around in downtown traffic in this hulking car as the automated voice of the navigator barked directions at me.  I followed her orders and was feeling pretty comfortable as I pulled up to the designated address.  The attorney called to let me know he’d be out in a minute.  Twenty minutes later I was still waiting.  Parked illegally and eating a sandwich while I stared at the building feeling like a P.I.  He finally emerged and I handed him the file, and returned with some difficulty to the office, at which point I was immediately summoned to my boss’ office.  He motioned me in, although he was on the phone and I sat for several minutes as he talked into his Bluetooth.  When he was done he turned to me and steepling his fingers said, “Please, help me to understand why that took you so long.”  I explained that the attorney had been tied up that it was beyond my control.  “Yes, but I need you here.”  He replied as though I had never even been asked to run this errand, as though I had been gallivanting around town in his car on some whim of my own.  But I said okay, and was waved out, back to my desk, to calm my beating heart and wait for the next crisis.

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