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yes, i said yes, i will yes

December 2, 2008




Chloe has started frequently using the phrase, “Keep your ish together,” on me.  I don’t even know what this means, but I can only assume that “ish” is something that she has no problem keeping together and that I am not managing to keep together at all. 

Let’s see what else.  This weekend was pretty lovely.  I went to Half Moon Bay for Thanksgiving with my auntie’s friends.  It was the first big Thanksgiving I’ve ever had, with about 24 people in attendance, which was fun.  The food was fabulous, and since we didn’t eat until about eight I was starving and proceeded to eat a lot more than I would like to discuss, and don’t even get me started about the pie.  There was an outdoor fire pit, and lots of wine and stars.  Very nice. 

The next night, back in the city, I met up with Josie for “a quick drink” which turned into 3 am at The Page, which as Josie said is where you take dates that you don’t want to be seen with.  I’m not really sure what that means about her bringing me there, but we did play a rousing game of pool, and I met a gorgeous Danish rock climber who I definitely would like to be seen with.  Josie and I are apparently very popular with the international crowd, and she was soon being hopelessly schmoozed by an Irish man, while I chatted with the Great Danes about their travels in the States.  Soon we were all eating burgers together on Church Street, and about at the point where Josie was inviting the whole group of them to my apartment the next day for a “real Thanksgiving dinner” we realized it was time to go home.

The next day was hot and we met at our favorite bike shop/bar/coffee place to mingle with hipsters on fixies and drink hot chocolate. Something that made me smile recently was when I was talking to my friend John and he said, “Ramona you need to join a book club, and meet some bike messengers.”  I had already been thinking along these lines as bike messengers just embody all of the most important qualities in a human 1.) hipster, but with a purpose 2.) badass lower leg tattoos 3.) spending outrageous amounts of daylight hours in line with me at the subsequent filing desk of the courthouse.  Then John suggested that I build my own fixed gear bicycle to tool around on, at which point I wondered if my time might be better spent not dying on the streets of San Francisco.

Finally, on Sunday we went to the beach, which was so beautiful I could hardly believe it.  We played in the water a little, and listened to little kids scream, “I hate this place!”  Oh youth.  But I loved this place, and one hugely nice thing about the 9-5 is totally unadulterated weekends stretching out blankly from sunrise to sunset.


And today I was back at work, and the boss made the nanny cry and whisper I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, under her breath as she waited for the elevator, and I wondered how long I would have to save before I could be independently wealthy like I just know I was always meant to be. 

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