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super hyphie

December 6, 2008

Just real quick.  I love my air mattress.  If you see yourself moving around a lot in the next few years or you just want a sweet sleeping experience I would highly recommend one of the double thick affairs from Costco.  It’s light as a feather so I can push it up against my wall to make a dance floor, I can change the firmness with the flip of a switch, and it slowly loses air anyway so it’s like an adventure every time I get in, and it can get so soft that you are literally folded into it like a pastry.  And whenever people sit on it they go, “Oh do you have a waterbed?” with the same mixture of awe and disgust that they would normally reserve for asking something like, “So, you’re an Olympic gold medalist and a pedophile?” and you get to tell them, “No, it’s air,” and they are seriously ALWAYS astounded.  

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  1. December 9, 2008 7:06 am

    …like a pastry
    that’s good I’m going to show it to the girls

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