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I’m an idiot, and I’m your boyfriend, yes I am.

December 16, 2008


Typical Situation

Callie and Ramona: Typical Situation



I love having phone conversations with my friend Callie, because they always go EXACTLY like this:


“Hello?  I’m sorry who is this?”

“You called me you moron.”

Insert thirty seconds of quiet laughter before resuming the conversation with some kind of noise, preferably one that an animal would make:


Giggles, and finally a sigh followed by, “Oh Lewis,” which we say in unison.

Then I say:

“So how’s the job?”

and she says:

“Oh I love it so much I’m getting a t-shirt made that says ‘best job ever.’”

More silent laughing.  We just love irony.

Then someone says:

“Have you downloaded the new Keak da Sneak song? You’re gonna flip out, it’s so good.  I can see us dancing to it in the car.”

Followed quickly by:

“Do you remember the time you drove 45 on the freeway?”

“Do you remember the time you didn’t know how to pump your own gas?”

“Gotta run girrrrrl the bus is coming.”

“Yeah, I’m really busy myself.”

“Love you.”

“Love YOU.”


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