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it would be as though you and i were joking around and then five minutes later you suddenly didn’t realize it was a joke

December 24, 2008

“Do you remember when you realized that unicorns weren’t real?  It was like, ‘Wait, what?'”

“My big moment like that was when I found out that when you’re flying in an airplane the houses look small because you’re really high up, and not because they are in fact miniature houses put there to entertain people on planes.”


I recently flew home to Washington and was looking down and thinking about the above conversation that I had had a few days earlier, and suddenly I seriously could not understand how human beings can fly on planes without being tranquilized.  I mean everything about it is just so wrong, how can anyone even begin to look out an airplane window?  Your brain must just have some kind of blocking mechanism that it employs where you think you realize you are 33,000 feet up with nothing under you but air, but you are actually not processing this at all.  I mean people are probably not even really conscious on planes, which might be one reason why they tend to act so weird.

In other news I am home on the island, and there’s about two feet of snow, and it’s really lovely, and I was walking across the street in Langley and I heard this one old guy say to this other old guy, “So, how’d you like your Chevy?”  and the other responded, “Well, I like it,” and I was home you know.

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