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it’s not the ‘no’ that means I won’t, but the one that means I will

January 20, 2009

Work makes me tired and strangely thirsty for water, I feel like a basking shark, that’s what someone told me recently we were day-texting, and it seemed like a good sign.  “What do you mean a basking shark?”  I asked.  “Google it,” he wrote, “You’ll know what I mean.”  I didn’t look it up, but I think I understood just the same, what he meant was that he could have shown me something about taking my time, or something like that. 

My boss was nice today cracking jokes, and telling morality tales, but it didn’t lessen the fact that the office manager is training her replacement, and I’ll be sad to see her go, especially after attending her cat’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  Anyone who has a birthday party for their cat is okay in my book. 

Nothing much to report that I want to write on the internet.  My friend is coming to visit tomorrow.  He’s riding the train for 19 hours to get here.  That’s really something, but trains are easy.  It’s planes that are hard.  Did you hear about the jet that crash-landed in the Hudson, oh wait of course you did.  A plane crash where nobody dies is like diet soda, the cure for all our problems, the sign that it might go okay for you if you try hard enough or have a good pilot.  There’s something coming up tomorrow that’s kind of like that too.  Can you guess what it is? 

And a final piece of evidence that everything might turn out okay, world peace and all that: rat on cat on dog on Powell Street, Saturday afternoon.


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