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most fights begin and end with one punch. you’ve broken your hand and the other person is unconscious.

January 31, 2009

I was sitting in X’s car pretty sure I had just run it along one of those sandwich board signs, and at the same time that I’m wondering if I have to tell him about this or if it could just be another secret “incident” like the time I threw his girlfriend’s Tiffany necklace in the garbage at the carwash, I hear these sirens building in the background, and suddenly the bomb squad is wizzing past me, and I start to think that maybe today isn’t just a normal Friday at the dealership. 

On my way back I get the requisite call from X telling me to hurry, and that he will be waiting on the street to be picked up.  As I turn onto 2nd I see him standing almost in the middle of the road motioning me forward with enthusiastic spirit fingers.  He has the new office manager with him.  We still haven’t figured this girl out only that she seems to have gotten hired because she put an outfielder for the SF Giants as her personal reference.  I assume she thought this would be impressive.  I will tell you that she was right. X started her interview with the line, “Well I’m really more of  Red Sox fan,” and the rest is history.  They get into the car and he orders me to take a left on Market.  You can’t take lefts onto Market.  It’s illegal and dangerous and this is a 6 lane street.  It’s the artery of downtown.  It is not to be messed with.  I say, “I can’t take a left here.”  “Then get out of the car, and let me drive,” he shouts.  We change seats and he takes his left.  He’s going to see a potential office space as we are moving.  He says he doesn’t like the place we looked at yesterday, because it doesn’t have good “elevator presence.” 

I drop them off, or rather he drops himself off and office manager runs after him. 

Later in the day X calls me into his office to tell me about “his plan.”  I am to go to Sees candy and get a large box of chocolates.  I am to then dispose of the chocolates and fill the box with dirt, which I will get from a dog park.  Finally, I am to slip a deposition notice into it and serve it on a man who I can only assume is part of the opposing party of one of our cases.  I can tell by the way he explains this plan that he thinks this is one of his ‘really good ideas’.  And to tell the truth it’s not half bad.  That’s one of the things I like about X.  He finds time to enjoy the small things.

Later I’m emailing Josie about a dream I had the night before.  I was in a park and a real good-looking guy starts talking to me, and I learn somehow that he is a drug addict and I ask, “So, how do you shoot heroin?”  He responds by stabbing me in the hand with his needle, and then trying to follow me back to my car.  Josie interprets this dream as meaning that I need to be more careful in my evaluation of the character of the men I get involved with.  I can’t help but to think she might be on to something.

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  1. Kent McMIllan permalink
    January 31, 2009 4:49 am

    Later I’m emailing Josie about a dream I had the night before. I was in a park and a real good-looking guy starts talking to me, and I learn somehow that he is a drug addict and I ask, “So, how do you shoot heroin?” He responds by stabbing me in the hand with his needle, and then trying to follow me back to my car.

    The first thing I’d want to know is whether the male figure (what the Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung called an “animus” figure) was a specific person or whether he was some person you don’t know. I’m going to guess the latter.

    So, the setting of the dream is a park. Why a park? Is it that the setting translates metaphorically as “an undeveloped area”? If so, does the dream pertain to some personal aspect that isn’t fully developed?

    Alternately, the park setting may just be a sort of metaphor for the action between the dreamer and the animus figure, i.e. at the edge of consciousness. The park setting is certainly much different than in a house, for example. It is a sort of commons or space that belongs to no one person, where different realms overlap.

    The animus figure is a form in which an unconscious content presents itself to the dreamer. So what exactly is the unconscious trying to say? Is it something that you associate with men or that, in your experience, pertains to them in some way?

    This animus figure is an addict, which suggests an unconscious compulsion presenting itself. Is the hand in which he stuck the needle your writing hand? Since I take it for granted that dreams attempt to bring something to the attention of the dreamer that she or he isn’t fully aware of, to counterbalance some one-sidedness, what is the dream trying to say?

    Is it telling you about some unconscious habit that interferes with your writing? Or is it telling you something about this aspect of your unconscious that is partly behind the desire to write? I don’t know, but I’ll bet you may.

    The most significant aspect of this dream seems to me to be that this particular animus figure wants to go around with you, i.e. get into your car, maybe even drive it. You may have to consciously examine what that means to you.

  2. Kent McMIllan permalink
    January 31, 2009 5:26 am

    I should have tempered my suggestions above a bit. The best way to get at the meaning of a dream is by asking questions about the dreamer’s associations to the specific symbols appearing in the dream.

    One doesn’t want to abuse the meaning of a dream off by making too many wrong-headed suggestions in rapid succession.

  3. Kent McMIllan permalink
    January 31, 2009 4:05 pm

    This may fall into the category of Too Much Information, but the other important element to that dream that I forgot to mention is that unknown people of the opposite sex in dreams (animus figures for women and anima for men, following Jung’s description of the unconscious) tend also to represent the least well developed aspect of personality, either one of the ways of receiving information about the world, Intuition or Sensing, or one of the ways of making judgments about things, Feeling or Thinking.

    My guess (and it is only a guess) is that the animus figure represents this less well developed aspect that has taken on a semi-autonomous, compulsive quality.

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