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fur and suit

February 2, 2009

just a few shorts.

1. Have been listening to Bon Iver.  Am smitten.  Think that For Emma, Forever Ago is possibly one of the loveliest album titles in existence.  It just has that sighing quality, and this music is nothing if not a symphony of sighs. Think that all songs should begin with the line, “Well I met you at the blood bank.”

2. A man walks into a bar, and offers to buy Jacqueline’s watch:

““How much was that watch?”

“I’d sell it to you for $50”

“It looks like it cost about $14.”

“Well you can’t put a price on good looks my friend.”

3. The only clear thought I have about the Super Bowl all day:

I would hate to be that person who calls the coin toss at the Super Bowl, because it’s like “Quick, heads or tails?” “Uh, heads-“  “It’s tails.”  And instantly you loose, and you feel like an idiot, and the game hasn’t even started, or has it? 

4. What It is

It’s the quiet nights

And the sun rising over the buildings

And the long mornings

And the bum in front of Wallgreens asking for your change

And it’s everything Bukowski ever wrote

And how much he would hate you if he met you

And how much you might hate him too

It’s getting over cynicism and getting over optimism

It’s getting over


That guy



Guilt guilt guilt

Because it’s the sun on the right side of the bus

And the lobby attendant who promised you those orchids

and the woosh of the elevator, and you resting your face against the wall

these are the things that leave you leaning,

these and also everything else.

The “NO!” bouncing off the space between your building and theirs.

They’re always fighting, domestic bliss,

But it’s not the no that means I won’t.  it’s the one that means I will.

I told myself I would not be this forever, and what I was talking about was at this job in this city, but what I meant was of this body on this earth.  

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  1. Kent McMIllan permalink
    February 2, 2009 3:29 pm

    Isn’t the problem with the Bukowski sub-personality who steals your pen and posts to your blog from time to time that he is just too split off from the way that you actually are? The difference between the interesting things that you write about your actual life, semi-sociopathic employer and everthing, and this reconstruction of Charles Bukowski’s is pretty striking.

  2. Kent McMIllan permalink
    February 2, 2009 3:55 pm

    For clarity’s sake: item (4) was where I thought that CB had appeared. Sorry if that makes me merely an unworthy reader.

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