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iron deficiency

February 7, 2009

Last week was a rough one at work.  If X ever liked me, I think it’s wearing thin.  He went into a fit of rage when he was making his morning smoothie and due to improper attachment of the bottom, there was some leakage, “FUCK! FUCK! RAMONA GET IN HERE!”  This behavior is wearing thin for me too.  But the thing is, all the other people in the office are truly sweet.  Somehow X has managed to surround himself with not just normal human beings, but uncommonly good ones.  Perhaps it is because, like a starving animal hungry for blood, he realizes his deficiency. 

One example: J.  The nanny for the paralegal’s daughters went on the court-run last week as she does three days out of five, and on her way back saw an old man trip on a curb.  She introduced herself and offered to help him back to his apartment.  Once there, she was horrified by the squalor, he was living in an abandoned building off Market where he had been for almost 60 years.  He was 93, and one of five tenants left.  There was no heat.  There was no elevator.  Dirt was piling up in the hallways, and the plaster was falling off in chunks.  On Friday, she showed me a video she had filmed while there on her digital camera. It is posted on youtube in an attempt to convince a social worker to find Frank a home.  She had been on the phone for three days attempting to secure him safe, affordable housing, and she said she had a breakthrough and was going to check out a place for Frank after work.  Then she was going to go help him clean his apartment.  The video follows.  This city will break your heart if you let it, which you should, but only once a day.

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  1. Kent McMIllan permalink
    February 7, 2009 10:16 pm

    Somehow X has managed to surround himself with not just normal human beings, but uncommonly good ones. Perhaps it is because, like a starving animal hungry for blood, he realizes his deficiency.

    That is quite likely, the workplace being a veritable gymnasium for practical psychology. If you can gain the right understanding of the dynamic in play, i.e. why your employer behaves as he does, you’re in a much better position both to protect yourself from the contamination of his passing moods as well as to get a measure of control over things.

    This is what the unconscious looks like in real life: the supposedly capable attorney with the incompetent subpersonality who can’t operate a blender. The attorney, however, evidently doesn’t recognize that aspect of himself and so has to project it onto whomever is standing around and willing to play a role in the episode of the moment.

    My guess is that someone who understands what is really going on can actually play a valuable and constructive role. This isn’t easy but, if developed, is an extremely useful skill that will serve you very well in life.

  2. Kent McMIllan permalink
    February 7, 2009 10:29 pm

    I meant to suggest that if you have any interest in workplace psychology, Murray Stein’s “Psyche at Work” is worth a read. It barely scratches the surface, but the field isn’t really very well developed.

    Stein writes from the standpoint of Jungian or analytical psychology that attempts to identify the effects of the unconscious always present in organizations and groups, particularly those of the workplace.

  3. Kent McMIllan permalink
    February 7, 2009 10:43 pm

    I imagine that you will already realize this, but it may also help to remind yourself that the same subpersonalities who appear in dreams can show up in waking life behaviour. Most men, for example, have a side that can best be described as that of an inferior woman. It tends to appear in certain situations. Happily for men, something similar is true of women. The interaction of inferior women and inferior men is ugly to experience, of course, but entertaining to watch in others if you realize what is happening.

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