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i think i just hurt my own feelings

March 26, 2009

Something that annoys me even more than my parents being on Facebook is when my friends from college hang out with my ex-boyfriend, and what really annoys me is when my ex-boyfriend starts hanging out with my ex-ex-boyfriend and then feels the need to send me an email about how great they got along and what a truly special person each of them really is, and what a bad girlfriend I was, which is at least what I imagine them talking about.  Because really what else do two exes have to discuss?  Nothing that’s what.  And whatever they may have to discuss they shouldn’t be discussing.  My friend Steph knew exactly what I was talking about, relating a story of how when her ex moved to New York City, and started showing up at the same parties as her friends, and these friends dared to tell her, “Oh I saw So and So the other night.”  Steph had the urge to shout, “Well then shut your eyes.”  This isn’t rational anger but the kind that comes from leaving your friends, boyfriends, and history behind in some city and them having the audacity to continue their lives without your presence.  

I admit that I freaked out and called the ex-ex to tell him it was absolutely ludicrous to have him befriend the ex.  This was irrational, embarrassing and a little insane, all of which I knew before calling, but I have no willpower.  His response, “It feels like we’re pretend dating right now.” 

“In what way is this like pretend dating?” 

“Well, you’re getting mad at me for some reason I don’t really understand.” 

“Is that what pretend dating’s like?”

 “No that’s what dating’s like.”

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