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and on and on and on

May 26, 2009

They tell us that we are all the same in so many ways, but we are not content with this, and become easily obsessed with taking from each other whenever possible. And the obsession runs both ways: the takers and the taken forming a strangely symbiotic relationship, self-righteous indignation being that greatest of all emotions, we become addicted to feeling bad. We all do it, I think. Or at least I do. Take from others when you should be generous with congratulations, get jealous at the successes of your friends, bring up some mistake just one more time because you want to “help” when the real way you could help, and you almost always know this, is to keep your mouth shut. It might be that we’re bored, which is the wrong reason to do a lot of things like eat, or decide to have the baby.

I guess the California Supreme Court upheld the gay marriage ban. It seems unfair to take so much from a stranger’s one lifetime. Who could care so much about others to keep fighting against them? The protesters in front of city hall started to file out, but one small group was left led by a man dressed in an elaborate headdress who let out a pained scream and then was quiet, and on the edge the guy from 111 Minna was holding his sign of incomprehensible protestations, and life goes on and on and on.

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