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arguments for and against the same thing

August 8, 2009

A lot of things are good arguments for and against the same thing.

The movie (500) Days of Summer, is kind of an argument for relationships, but if you see it and you start getting concerned that there isn’t enough sketch comedy in your own relationships then it starts to look like a pretty good argument against them.  Of course, everyone knows that love is the greatest argument there is for itself, but also an okay argument against itself if you want it to be.

The great memoir, Travels with Myself and Another, which I would recommend to anyone and do, is a good argument for traveling and also a good argument for never setting foot in another country and both arguments begin and end with the line “The last thing in life I had ever wanted was to come face to face with elephants, on foot, in the bush, with an imbecile.” 

Last weekend my parents were visiting and we found ourselves huffing and puffing to the top of Russian Hill, which we realized after many exclamations of, “Look at that Pomeranian!” is a good argument for so many things that it’s actually more of a metaphor for life, although Russian Hill is so adorable that it’s not really an argument for things so much as an agreement about them.  In other words, by the time you get to Russian Hill you’ve stopped arguing with yourself about whether you like shingles or not.  You like them.    

I guess if you think about it, most things are a good argument for and against themselves, which is called seeing both sides, or the thing that lawyers are supposed to be able to do, and which some do better than others.  Lawyers are a great argument for and against themselves, but it’s dangerous to argue with a lawyer because they’re the ones who are going to put your ass in jail, but then again they’ll also get you out of it.  See what I mean about arguing?  It gets you in and then it gets you out again.

Probably, a good goal for anyone’s life is to be a good argument for themselves, and if this is your goal then a good way to judge whether a decision is sound is to say, Is that decision a good argument for me?  Because you want to be able to walk up to yourself (like you might walk up to Russian Hill) take a good look around, and think that you are a pretty good argument for you, and possibly more of an agreement on you than anything else.  By this time you’ve stopped arguing with yourself about yourself and you’ve come to the decision that you like shingles.  A lot.

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  1. Portmanteau permalink
    August 10, 2009 5:36 am

    Of course Tippers is her own evil twin.

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