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August 11, 2009

I love Facebook, because it is such a good way to learn things about myself and others.  It’s not really a lifestyle so much as it is life itself.  I do enjoy a good status posting.  Oh look, my mom had a baby, and it was me!  Look’s like today’s my birthday.  I’m going to change my status to say, “Ramona Emerson is born,” and I seriously think practically all of my friends are going to “like” that one, and if they don’t then I might have to de-tag myself from that picture they posted of my birth.

Facebook is a great way to find out how much other people know about things.  Looks like my boyfriend thinks we’re in a relationship, and it turns out he’s right, which I know because my own relationship status says “In a Relationship with XXXX.”  Well it actually says his name there, but since I’m not sure that you’re one of my Facebook friends I’m not just going to share my personal information with strangers on the internet.  COME ON!

I just found out that two of my friends who I didn’t even know were friends, ARE friends.  Amazing.  It doesn’t even make me feel that jealous that we are all mutual friends now, because it just means that we all have really good taste in Facebook friends, and the only person that makes me jealous of is myself.

Sometimes I look at my profile and pretend that it’s not my profile but someone else’s, and I try to figure out if I would like me if I didn’t know me, and the answer is probably yes, because I have so many mutual friends with my Facebook self that we must have a lot in common, and also according the pictures posted on my profile I look really good in a bikini.

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  1. August 13, 2009 7:10 am


    Let me introduce a new irritant to your life: have you set up a Facebook fan page for your blog? Well, I guess I’d only be introducing an irritant if you hadn’t done it yet. And by done it I mean set up a FB fan page for your blog. I did it, mostly so I’d have a place to post status messages to people who were fans of my blog and not necessarily friends with me on FB. I thought everyone would be into it. Wrong. Instead people are pissed that now in addition to audaciously writing crap on a blog and on twitter, I have a stupid ass FB fan page.

    To which I say I don’t give a shit. But actually it hurts. Somewhere.

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