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i know where i am, but i do not read introductions.

August 17, 2009

We should start reviewing everything like people on Yelp! review restaurants and nail salons.  Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could find out if you should like someone before you even meet them?  It might even make people nicer, not really nicer of course, but more apt to walk around handing out $5 bills so they can get up to a 5-star average. 

And what if we started reviewing other things?  Everything is reviewable if you think about it.  How did you like that Starburst you had the other day?  Just so-so?  We want to know about it. 

Have you spent any time standing at the corner of Pierce and Haight lately?  How’s the cement doing over there?  Cracked?  Would you give that corner 3 stars or only 2?  Was someone mean to your sister there?  A 1 star then, and tell all your friends to boycott that corner.  That corner shall have no more of your business, and perhaps it will even go out of the corner business.  Lose the corner on the market so to speak, pack up and go home.

While we’re at it let’s review the sun.  It was bright today.  Too bright?  Was it warm enough to counteract the breeze?  Did it slip behind a cloud for 15 minutes at 2 in the afternoon right when you got to Dolores Park?  Is the sun doing a good job today?  Did it burn you?

Speaking of burns, reviews could tell us who to ask to apply our sunscreen.  Did Sara leave an unprotected spot on your back or did she really rub it in?  Did Callie suggest a higher SPF?  Did she suggest an SPF so high that you didn’t get any color?  Who can you trust with your skin? How else will you know who your friends are?  Not through Facebook, where the only thing you’re going to find out is that someone’s favorite author is Herman Hesse, something that probably has something to do with how well they apply sunscreen, but we really don’t have time for mysteries these days.

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