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Peace is spelled O-b-a-m-a.

October 11, 2009

Obama isn’t the kind of person who needs to actively promote peace in order to be a peacemaker.  I mean that feed the orphans stuff was fine for someone like Mother Theresa, but it’s like play to your strengths.  Orphan cuddling just isn’t for everyone.  Obama’s peace strategy is a little more academic, and does that really surprise anyone?  I’m not saying that Obama invented the word chillax, but he might as well have, and obviously someone on the Nobel Prize committee agrees.  The question isn’t really why should Obama win the most prestigious award on earth, but why didn’t anyone think to award it to him before this?  And I hope that this is going to send a message to other awards committees that it’s time to start giving Obama the recognition that he deserves.  Have you ever asked yourself why Obama hasn’t won an Academy Award yet?  It’s not that he’s done any great acting this year, but think about all the great acting he probably inspired.   We can only hope that the people who decide who gets nominated for a Grammy will think of Obama when it’s time to hand out the award for Song of the Year.  It’s not that Obama sings that song, but he probably inspired it.  Has anyone ever even listened to the words of “Single Ladies.  (Put a Ring On It)”?  That song was completely inspired by our President.  Nothing slips by Beyonce.  Speaking of Beyonce, the next time Kanye West gets wasted and leaps onstage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech he’s not going to be screaming that Beyonce  should have won for Best Female Video of the Year, but that Obama should have.  Let’s all be honest and acknowledge that Taylor Swift’s music videos pretty much can’t hold a candle to the videos that Obama hasn’t even made yet.barack

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