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what i said to you when all i meant to say was “hi”

October 19, 2009

My air mattress is sinking.  I see that it might not last forever or even the winter, which is okay, because the hilarity of watching people try to sit on the corner only to find out there is no corner is growing thin.  All but three of the seams have popped out in a way that is difficult to explain, except to say something wicked this way comes for my air mattress.  The main result of these loosened seams is that it’s getting bigger, expanding across my room, and my sheets won’t really fit on it anymore.  I slept on my friend’s bed a few weekends ago, and I had forgotten how nice a real mattress is.  I had a boyfriend who slept on the floor of his closet, so his band could practice in his room.  I understand the possibilities for the bed-less.  It is no huge problem, just a small one that is expanding across the floor.

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