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29 times out of 10

January 13, 2010

I’m pretty sure craigslist missed connections was made so that people would have somewhere to discuss their feelings about missing connections with me.  I’m not saying that I invented the idea of seeing someone who is really hot, and then wishing you talked to them.  I’m just saying that I think I inspire that feeling in a lot of people, and it’s not really a hunch so much as a well-documented fact, that is documented day in and day out on craigslist.  It’s not that every single person who sees me wishes we had connected.  I mean some people are blind.  Come to think of it being blind is like a lifelong missed connection with me, which sucks.  But that is too deep to really get into here, and quite frankly too depressing.

So yeah, not every person misses connections with me everyday, which makes sense because some people are forced to actually connect with me, and thus miss their chance to miss a connection, which can be dispiriting.  It’s not that connecting with me is such a let down, it’s just that not connecting with me is so much better, and I think my friends would agree.  They wish they could have missed that connection, and sometimes will even post a missed connection about me in the hopes that I will forget that we connect all the time, and will stop texting them photos of today’s outfit possibilities.

As soon as a missed connection becomes a connection the possibility of not connecting is basically a moot point.  And we all know that moot points are points that never even have the chance to become points.  Which is a travesty that hardly gets any play in the media, even though pro-lifers I think would be pretty against the mooting of points if they knew how many women were making late-term points moot just to up their missed connections on craigslist.

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  1. Cécile permalink
    January 25, 2010 1:41 pm

    Brilliant. I think I have a girl crush on you.

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