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greater than situation is implication

January 27, 2010

Teachers always seem to be implying that in the best poetry the emotions are implied instead of explicitly stated, “He was sad, sad, sad,” isn’t exactly Whitman-esque.

Sometimes I wish more things in life were implied, also of course that more things in life were like poems. It would be nice if my emotions were implied, so instead of actually being angry or insolvent or deranged I could instead have a brief moment where I notice how I’m holding a pen, and the tilt would let me know that there is sadness.  Or better yet, I could notice that it was raining, again, and…the rest of that sentence could be left a wilting implication.

I wouldn’t have to write in this blog anymore, if the entries were based more on the implication of words than actual words themselves.  Words are just so obvious these days.  They’re really more for children’s blogs, and I think we all understand the implication of the intimation that children could have blogs, but that’s the thing about implication – you never have to cop to not understanding something about children.

Sometimes at work, I try to imply that I know what I’m doing by putting a rubber band around my wrist and then staring hard at the ceiling with my tongue slightly protruding from my slackened lips.  I think this implies that I’m thinking hard about the problems of the world, and that I understand the importance of the law.  Of course it might imply that I think rubber bands make an interesting fashion statement and that my lockjaw prevents my mouth from closing properly, but when you come right down to it, and I’d like it if you did, there’s really no discernable difference there.

My political views are usually completely implied, but I think I do a pretty solid job of implying my stance on gay marriage by the way I nod in an almost imperceptible, but appreciative way whenever I see a gay couple holding hands on the street or even if I just see two dudes talking to each other.  I’m thinking about coming out with a line of inspirational buttons that say, “My Support is Implied…By This Button.”

Sometimes I wish that the end of movies was implied.  Often of course the end of movies is implied, usually over and over again, but then they go ahead and make the ending anyway, which I’m telling you right now is unnecessary, Benjamin Button.  If the character is aging backwards I know where he’s going to end up: Brad Pitt.

Implying the punch line to jokes, might not work as well – Two women are in a room.  They’re sitting on a couch, and one says to the other… I mean it’s pretty hilarious if you understand what the number “2” looks like upside down, but who has time for that kind of spatial reasoning?  Not people who are trying to figure out what their boyfriend is implying when he says, “Do you want to reach over and grab that orange?”

I had written a pretty devastating closing paragraph, but I think I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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