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sometimes you get what you need

February 17, 2010

I review places for Citysearch, and yesterday I was in one of those tiny yet superbly expensive antique stores in the Marinaish/ Russianhillia, where they sell things like condiment trays made out of seashells.  Okay I wanted that too, but you know what I mean.  So, I was asking the sales woman if I could take some pictures for my review, and she was real hesitant to let me do it.  Maybe I shouldn’t tell people I’m doing a review, but it’s pretty obvious when I’m standing in front of a lamp made out of a shot up propane tank and furiously taking notes.   What else is there to say?  So I asked her if I could take some pictures and she really wasn’t sure how the owner would feel about that since, apparently some other sleuth had come in writing a review, and had described the aesthetic as Miami Beach Chic, and the owner had never even BEEN to Miami.  Things like that happen all the time, which is too bad since whenever someone wrongly describes something as Miami Beach Chic, an angel gets her wings revoked.  God calls her into his office and is like, “I thought you said your people had their shit together?  We’re looking for someone else to fill your position.  The ad went up this morning on craigslist: Angel Needed: At least one year experience in a fast-paced monotheistic setting.  No phone calls please.”


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