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happens to the best of us

March 22, 2010

People love to say, “Happens to the best of us,” like they are that best person, and like it makes you feel better about whatever idiocy you just confessed to to hear them tell you that even people like them who are some of the best people in the world have done such a thing and so for you to have done this thing is not only expected it’s practically required.

The dry sighing way in which they inevitably deliver this little pearl of wisdom is not because they really feel your pain, but because they’re incredulous as to why you think you need to apologize for behavior that is so obviously on par with the kind of person you are.  You wouldn’t hear a cat apologizing for licking itself for an hour straight would you? But you probably also wouldn’t hear someone referring to themselves and the cat as “us.”

Maybe we should feel grateful to these people for even acknowledging that we are human beings too, but maybe instead of trying to placate the rest of us these best people who shit happens to too should just say what they’re really thinking, “That happened to me one time, but when I did it it was out of character.”

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