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a paint-by-numbers for 20-somethings

April 5, 2010

Paint my hair important.

In the morning paint me in gym clothes whether or not I’m actually exercising.  I’m always going to the gym in my mind.  In the nighttime paint me dressed up.  Don’t worry about the dramatic change in my appearance as you paint.  You might not know that when I’m in my gym clothes I’m invisible.

Paint my friends right next to me.  Paint them whatever color you want as long as it’s the same color as me.

Paint my parents calling.

Paint my shirt plaid unless you want to paint me not liking it.

Paint my apartment cold.

Paint my political views liberal.  If you’re a good painter you will be able to capture this if not just paint me republican.

Paint my job in an office building downtown.  Paint the walls beige.  Paint a plant so that I don’t realize it’s fake for almost 6 months.

Paint my boots on over my pants.  Always paint my boots on over my pants.

Paint my roommate saying something like, “How many girls in the world do you think are waiting for a guy to call right now?”  Paint me depressed at this question, “What could we do if we took all that energy and used it for good instead of boring?”  “Build a time machine to the future where we could sit and wait a really long time for a guy to call.”

Paint my glass half full of red wine and then paint it half empty, and then half full again.  Keep doing this for the next 5 years.

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  1. Kent McMillan permalink
    April 6, 2010 9:54 pm

    Well, some of us who comment by the numbers have to say that post is superior. It is in fact so good that no comment suitable for the museum where it belongs comes to mind at the moment.

    Love the precision of the marks that the painter has laid on with a casual brush. This one goes in the permanent collection, I think.

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