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let’s circle back on that

June 14, 2010

Lately, when I’m walking somewhere alone at night, and I get a little nervous, I’ve taken to walking really fast and glancing at my watch a lot.  Like for some reason I think that if a rapist looks at me and sees that I’m in a hurry and have a lot of things on my mind he won’t attack me, like, “Oh she’s busy.  She’s counting something on her fingers.  I’m not gonna bother her right now.  Maybe later when she’s got a sec.”

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  1. Kent McMillan permalink
    June 14, 2010 4:23 am

    Okay, I’m sure it’s just me, but wouldn’t carrying a *Taser* or pepper spray be much more effective than portraying efficient time managemen on public street? If you want to look official, buy one of those reflectorized lime-green vests that the folks who fill potholes wear. It could even become a fashion statement. Who knows? I don’t.

    As for time management, I’ll grant you that I’m as terrified of Time-Motion studies as the next person. I mean Frederick Winslow Taylor, Mr. Time-Motion himself, made boatloads of money by claiming to figure out how to squeeze seconds and minutes out of the pewformance of any job for which an actual worker was being paid.

    It would scare the hell out of me were Mr. Taylor to show up in my office to figure out how many minutes a day I spend at various things for which I’ll never be able to send anyone a bill. His report would probably hit some particularly obnoxious note about the vast sum of money that was going into checking email, for example, and most likely he’d want at least 25% of that as his fee. Too bad Mr. Frederick Winslow Taylor never had a visit from Mr. Frederick Winslow Taylor is all I can say.

    For everything else, there’s the Taser or pepper spray, eh?

  2. June 15, 2010 5:56 am

    Agreed! I would weigh heavily that your method gives one more to consider. Here’s the logic from my cranial vault: A woman walking briskly through the night regarding her watch… what am I looking at?

    1.) A woman who’s alone, she’s in a hurry, obviously values her time and would be traveling by any other means were she able.

    2.) It’s a gamble whether she’s alert or too focused to notice an approach.

    3.) Is she angry? Is a concerned friend or significant other going to be in close pursuit or was she abandoned? Did she abandon them to isolate herself?

    …I think if an assailant were unsure of himself or his victim, if he’s meditating on his thoughts rather than his emotions you’re going to give him a lot to consider and he may opt for safer circumstances. On the other hand, if it’s truly a twisted bastard who’s thinking things through, he may come to other conclusions and find you an easier target due to your mask of preoccupation.

    Either way, you’re not strolling through the park, you’re moving faster. Stay alert, and if you find yourself in these settings regularly, i’d wear shoes you can run in. Tasers can be used against you, as can pepper spray, but if an assailant uses pepper spray on you, he’s not going to want to be in close proximity right away which may give you enough time to stumble about and scream more — enough time for someone to see or hear you.

    Here’s a South African Woman’s remedy to the danger:

    Well this was a disturbing thought path to end my evening on. Cheers, all.

  3. June 20, 2010 12:39 am

    girrl, i concur with the others. get yourself some pepper spray stat. my dad got me a little pepper spray thing, and i carry it around in my pocket at night. when i dont have it i, too, walk briskly except instead of looking at a watch i glance behind my back every 30 seconds with a scowl on my face to indicate that i’m a tough broad.

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