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drinking the kool-aid

January 7, 2009

C makes me laugh.  She comes home like a little tornado up the stairs, and immediately goes to work expertly preparing her dinner (tuna, steamed vegetables, on a bed of jasmine rice). 

I say, “I was so tired at work today.  When my boss stepped out I took a nap at my desk, and my coworker asked me if I was drunk.”

She says, “Yeah.  Work sucks.  I seriously almost lost my shit like five times.”

Then she launches into a heated little anecdote about one of her clients, which happens to be an extremely well-known toy company, which I will call “Tiny Little Pieces” for propriety’s sake.  For the last three and a half weeks C has been working as the middle man between a manufacturing company and this client for the purpose of constructing an ecologically friendly shopping bag to be distributed to attendees of the mother of all toy conventions, which C will be attending in New York City in February.  By now she hates this bag more than anything, as she has had to hold her client’s hand as they go back and forth for days about whether the gosset should be 5 inches or 3.  Today, the bags were to be arriving from the manufacturers, and C was feeling pretty good about having finally washed her hands of the whole affair.  Not quite.  She receives a call that the bags have been completed, yes all 500 of them, but the colors on the logo have been inverted rendering the bags unfit for use.  She is beside herself, and has to call Tiny Little Pieces and tell them that their tiny little bags have a tiny little problem.  C seems to be implying that they were waiting for something like this, because as soon as she informed them of the mistake, her contact says, “We’ve been thinking that maybe we want to go in a different direction with the bag anyway.”  These people don’t seem to realize that A. no one is even buying this bag and B. they’re never going to be done on time at this rate anyway.  But what really got me was that these were supposed to be ecologically friendly bags. 

“Why even bother to make ecologically friendly bags when you’re going to throw away 500 of them just because the stupid colors are inverted.  They should make them out of lead and get it over with.”

“And it gets worse, because they can’t even give the bags to their employees because of some copyright thing so they have to destroy them.  Seriously, they told me they were going to burn the bags.  Talk about drinking the kool-aid you should hear how some of the employees talk about Tiny Little Pieces.  Some of them actually believe that these toys cure autism.”

We stare at each other in amazement, because no matter how much our views diverge, there is one thing upon which we can always agree, and that thing is that many people are idiots.

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