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Skype Conversation From Hell

December 27, 2010

My parents are always trying to get me to Skype with them.  This is why I don’t:

Parent: “Hi!!!!  This is so cool!  It’s like a miracle!”
Adult Child (just woke up): “Hi, mom.”
Parent: “I can see you!”
Adult Child: “Yeah.  How are you guys?”
Parent: “Did you just wake up?  You look a little haggard.  Look at Tim you guys.  He had a big night!”
Adult Child: “Whose over there?”
Parent: “Just grandma and grandpa and a few other people.”
Adult Child: “Uh huh.” (puts on a hat)
Parent: “He put on a hat.  Worried his hair was sticking out.”
Someone in the background: “Well, it was!”  (everyone laughs)
Parent: “Is that your apartment?  The walls look pretty bare.  Can we have a look around?”
Adult Child: “Around my apartment?”
Parent: “Yeah, just pick up the computer and walk around with it a little.”
Adult Child: “Alright.” (girlfriend hits the deck)
Parent: “Who was that?  Is someone there?”
Adult Child: “I don’t think so.”
Parent: “We want to see a window. Come on show us a window!”
Adult Child carries laptop to the window and shows them a view of Tokyo in the wintertime.
Parent: “Huh. Okay, now hold the computer out the window I wanna see outside.  Okay, that’s enough.”
Parent: “Do you want to say something to Brent?”
Adult Child: “Whose Brent?”
Parent: “Ramona’s boyfriend.  You haven’t met him.”
Adult Child: “Not right now, okay?”
Parent: “Shhh he can hear you.”
Adult Child: “Let me say hi to grandma.”
Parent: “He wants to talk to his grandmother.  Come on up mom.  Come on up.”  (ushers grandmother up like an emcee at an awards show.)
Grandparent: “Hi, Tim.  You look good.  Don’t listen to what they all say.”
Adult Child: “Thanks grandma.  I love you.”
Grandparent: “I love you too Tim.”
Parent (in the background): “Okay we gotta get dinner going.”

Adult Child: “Talk to you guys later.”

Parent: “We’ll definitely do this again.  This is fun!”


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