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Airborne is Toxic

November 20, 2008

So, I’m reading this book called “Predictably Irrational,” in which the premise seems to be that people are in fact insane.  Even when we are thinking, we don’t make decisions based on reason, and let’s face it we’re rarely thinking.  The researchers found that even when people knew that a decision was irrational and was 99.9% likely to be detrimental to them they still chose it.  It seems we just can’t help ourselves.  Then I started thinking that maybe rationality doesn’t count for much.  Maybe economics is really the only thing that can boil down to a cost/benefit analysis, and even the economy seems to be a confidence game more than it is actually about money.  What do we have left when our feeble attempts at rationality have failed? Feelings, emotions, crying, desperate phone calls, blind hope, faith, and probably quantum mechanics.  The very feebleness of our attempts at rationalization must have gotten us somewhere, and by somewhere I mean it got us here, which is not bad evolutionarily speaking.  But why and how?  It’s infuriating really, doing things over and over again that we know are pointless and crazy-making simply because we can’t bear to close the door and walk the fuck away.  We get hung up, obsessed with things, and people, and places and ideas that we never knew we needed, until suddenly we did.  I mean you can sit there saying things like, I don’t even like him, and you won’t be lying, but at the same time you’re wondering when you’ll talk again.  At this point you’ve been infiltrated by an alien force and there’s just no escape.  You’re rational, you know you’re behaving ridiculously, but you are powerless to stop yourself.  The problem isn’t a lack of reason, but a lack of even the most basic willpower.  Or maybe it’s a problem of switching your attention, a problem with living in the moment, a problem with rejection, a problem with the unknown, a problem, a problem, a problem.

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  1. charles permalink
    November 21, 2008 3:58 am

    That’s if all fine but potty mouth is potty mouth.

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