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double tap

November 1, 2009

A lot has been made lately of the double tap, a shooting technique in which two shots are fired quickly at the same target.  The Mafia is a fan, as are those involved in counter-terrorist combat units, and pretty much anyone whose job description includes the words special forces.  Some might think it’s overkill (literally) to shoot someone in the head more than once, but we’ve all got that friend who double clicks the mouse when one would really do.

Don’t own a gun? Here are some other ways to double tap:

Tap: You hurt someone’s feelings, Double Tap: and feel so guilty about it that you stop speaking to her.

You eat your roommate’s second to last Oreo, and then throw away the rest of the box in the hopes that she will forget she had it in the first place.

You de-friend your ex on Facebook, and then text him to let him know that you de-friended him.

You call your girlfriend 30 times in a row at 3 am, and then you start ringing the doorbell.

You’re concerned about money so you pass on dinner with friends, but meet them for drinks later and feel so bad about missing dinner that you buy a round of Patron for the bar.

You tell him you’re not going to stay over, and you follow it up by staying over that night and every other night for the next 10 years.

Kate tells you how she saw a man get hit by a car while she was on the bus.  Then she tells you that he was actually hit by the bus and a car.

You never could leave well enough alone.

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  1. Kent McMillan permalink
    November 2, 2009 2:49 am

    Hmmm. Per Wikipedia, the so-called double tap technique of shooting people was invented by a couple of Brits in the 1930’s, supposedly to overcome the interent limitations of full metal jacketed ammunition.

    The situations described above sound more like the double paper cut or the double Jello shot, with possibly one instance of double Tazering.

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